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Dear Enlightened IBOs,

We are glad to announce the commencement of VIRTUAL CLASS ACTIVITIES

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Study to EARN our prestigious, value-added and funcional ENTREPRENEURSHIP & LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATES


Study and Pass Level 1 - 3 Online Courses and BECOME a JUNIOR ASSOCIATE SCHOLAR in Entrepreneurship & Leadership Studies

Upgrade your Career, Business and Life: study and pass Level 4 - 6 Online Courses and Become a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENEUR (CPE) - An Advance Diploma in Entrepreneurship & Leadership Studies.

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    Through Life-Skills Publishing, we have over the years published various life-changing books and magazines in the areas of academic, personal & career development, leadership education, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, and lifestyle management.

    Below are some of our recent publications:

    1. Life-Skills Guide … a monthly personal and business complete journal for entrepreneurs and leaders.
    2. Business Leadership: The Expert's Success Guide. Kindly visit our BOOKSTORE for more…


    It is good for you to have mentors/coaches in personal, business, marriage, career, and spiritual. Mentors/Coaches will inspire, challenge and guide you. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. Yet it is better and cheaper to acquire wisdom through the experience of others. It is for this all important reason that we provide top class mentoring /coaching sessions to help you move away from those who will divide and subtract from you and bring into your life those who will multiply and add to you. Our Mentoring/Coaching Session is a one-to-one interactive relationship that helps you identify and reach your personal and professional goals faster than you would on your own. Feel free to open up to us if you need help in any of the following areas:

    Self Discovery
    Business Ideas
    Starting a new business
    Business Repositioning
    Edging out competition
    Creation and execution of a financial plan
    Increasing sales/market patronage
    Creation and execution of a marketing plan
    Business modelling
    Branding – choosing a business/product/service name


    Our facilitation will make you and your teams more successful and productive. Whatever your personal and business needs are, we can help facilitate the process.

    Our Speaking engagements are very practical and straight to the point. We not only communicate to the audience on a mental level (brain) but also on an emotional level (heart). Our ability to balance these two key areas guarantees that the attendees' leaves with use-able information that once applied can yield significant results. Call on us to speak about any topic related to the development of Individuals, Business and Leadership!


    We provide unbeatable content creation/copy writing services that will stand you and your business out and edge out your competition. We do the following better than anyone:

    - We develop products such as need assessments, questionnaires, surveys, employee handbooks, and mentoring handbooks.
    - We provide professional business writing services for your company profile, product/service brochures, business plans, proposals etc.
    - We custom design training programs to support your various business needs, write training manuals and books, and design surveys for various people, business and life development needs.


    We greatly leverage on our experience and expertise in the business terrain to provide or share low-risk and high return empowerment opportunities to people from all walks of life and across all age brackets.

    We coach and mentor people to be their own bosses through various businesses and empowerment models: ONLINE and TRADITIONAL business opportunities.

    Please feel very free to talk to us today. You will be very glad you did!


    We do not just inspire & motivate, we also teach, inform and equip to make you and your business stand out!

    THE UNUSUAL SCHOOL EDUCATION PLATFORMS: www.lifeskillsonlinebiz.com ; life-Skills Business School® (LBS); the BUSINESS LEADERSHIP FORUM™ (BLF), The Life-Skills Executive Courses, Learn 2 Drive; Life-Skills Exams Klinik, etc are some of the unbeatable training platforms of Life-Skills Business Network Limited where people, business owners and all are truly empowered to live their God-given reality and achieve tremendous successes.