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Terms and Conditions

1. I shall work for my Life-Skills Independent Business Owner Position(s) by making at least Four sales as my downlines, within the shortest possible time.

2. I shall also contribute my quota towards building a strong and fast moving network by helping my downlines to make their own minimum of four (4) sales each as downlines.

3. I agree in totality that this is an Internet Based Business, an educational reward system built on Network Marketing Business principles and not an “Investment Scheme” of any sort. Therefore, the issue of tenure and rate does not apply in this case.

4.I shall do my best possible to promote this Network to the advantage of all members.

5. I agree that my one-time membership fee of ₦ 4,000 to www.lifeskillsonlinebiz.com covers the following:

  • ONE-TIME N2,000 Admission Fee
  • LEVEL 1COURSE FEE: ₦ 2,000.00
  • RIGHT to participate in the Business Learn & Earn Program
  • LOGIN ACCESS to own replicated Company Website (Business Member Area)
  • LOGIN ACCESS to Company’s Forum

Disclaimer :

Prospective LifeSkills Business Network member is warned and duly informed that your payment to join LifeSkills Business Network not an investment and does not guaranty any specific period for your reward/benefit and that your payment is non-refundable. The reward program attached to Life-Skills Business Network is by the business owners/managers and not that of the Sponsor, the Independent Marketer who introduce you to lifeskillsonlinebiz.com The benefits of the program can also be redesigned by the club owners/managers at any time without consultation with members. And once you are duly registered and place on the 4x4 matrix, you will be bound by the rules and regulations guiding your membership with Life-Skills Business Network.

Declaration :

I declared that the information provided above is true and correct. And that the decision to join the online business is entirely mine. I understand that every business has its own inherent risks and challenges and hereby absolve my sponsor from any or all of such risks if and when they arise. Also, I have read and understood the disclaimer clause, terms and conditions of joining www.lifeskillsonlinebiz.com and agree to it in absolute terms.