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Frequently Asked Questions

You are encouraged to maintain the number of accounts that you can effortlessly market to earn the potential payouts. However, IBOs are advised not to use this as a get-rich-quick or investment scheme. Your actual earnings depend on your field sales and marketing to real people.

There are six (6) course / reward levels in the Lifeskillsonlinebiz.com opportunity. Please Check our Pay plan page.

We currently accept online payment via ATM like Mastercard, Visa card, and Direct Bank Deposits. Other payment methods will be added soon.

  • Own Personalized Self-Replicating Lifeskillsonlinebiz.com Website
  • Access to own back office Member Area
  • Virtual Back Office support from LifeskillsOnline.biz support and admin team
  • Access to High Quality Course Materials on Business, financial education, leadership, and Personal and career development
  • Access to Periodic Promotional Incentives and Gift Rewards
  • Auto-upgrade from Level to Level so you never pay out of your pocket for any course.

You are advised to sponsor at least four (4) associates

Sponsoring more than four people earn you more money and ensure faster progress in the various reward levels.

Absolutely NO. You are paid instantly upon sponsoring or auto-upgrade of an associate.

You become automatically qualifies for your level special reward immediately you complete that level's full matrix as contained in the pay plan. Every registered IBO gets qualified for the promo only once per account.

All rewards are paid directly to your local bank account as contained in the registration form and our database

There are absolutely no refunds as you have received the products you have paid for.

On successful and satisfactory completion of the courses and after meeting up the requirements of certification, you will be awarded CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENUER –CPE, an Advanced Diploma Equivalent.

Your first requirement is register for the Knowledge & Cash Courses; participate actively in all Task Activities via your Member Area to faculty@lifeskillsonlinebiz.com; attend the compulsory 2-weekends Residential Lectures and Interaction, pay the certification fee and be a Good Life-Skills Brand Ambassador!