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About the Knowledge & Cash Revolution

LIFE-SKILLS BUSINESS NETWORK is divinely established as an UNUSUAL KNOWLEDGE & EMPOWERMENT CENTRE for the teaching and learning of the missing curriculum of personal development & excellence, entrepreneurship and leadership in its truest and most unusual form with utmost practicality and fun.

LIFE-SKILLS BUSINESS NETWORK is set apart from the 'competition' by our practical approach and robust curriculum of wealth creation and self-employment strategies, sound and uncommon leadership education, and personal development & excellence; coupled with the business owners burning desire and motivation to empower people of the world, especially the youths through the right kind of self-employment and leadership education.

With a combined 25 years industry experience, the lifeskillsonlinebiz.com team brings members a huge range of unusual education, training, commissions and income, and gifts rewards.

Merging our academic, financial, marketing, I.T. expertise, and internet opportunities mastery, we have created a well-thought out business model and marketing plan which gives everyone the opportunity to generate a substantial recurring income while acquiring world class street-smart education and trainings, at no significant out-of-pocket one-time fee!

Our Vision

To raise a generation of successful business owners and role models who LIVE their DREAMS

Our Mission

To raise, train and support people to be world class entrepreneurs, leaders and citizens who will be financially independent and contribute positively to society.

Our business shall be driven by the following keys to success:


the business shall benefit largely from the hard-earned strong personal character and integrity of its owners, associates, faculty members and workforce.


The business itself is borne out of the genuine need to be filled in the society by a well rounded form of education. However, this need was repeatedly identified through the over 25 years of experience gathered on the field by the business owners.

Strategic Business Information

The business-owners are group of young achievers with sound educational background, unparalleled professional expertise and very wide contacts. All of these exclusive factors shall be the leveraging point for survival, profitability, stability and repositioning of the business.


The core aspects of the business shall be on the INTERNET with hosting in a top class IT/Server Management company with track record of success in the World while the administrative and offline operations shall be conducted in a friendly, fair and creative work environment which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work; an environment conducive to giving relaxing and professional service with guaranteed career growth opportunities.


The core of our operations centred around educating and empowering people – intellectually, socially and financially.


The wide network/contacts chains of the business-owner shall be a key success factor that will ensure and guarantee steady clients base and satisfaction.